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Border & Porter began in Aug 2016 with the purpose of increasing the depth of communications between businesses and customers with digital communications in the field of web content planning and production.

We strive to deliver services with a high level of quality and speed. We are a strong collective committed to providing enhanced services in our main business of web content planning, production and website development.

In 2017, through a digital centered approach to strategy creation, scenario planning and creative design, or "experience data-driven marketing" (EDM), we can carry out "marketing to move people with behavioral data" and provide highly integrated support for your marketing communication needs.

In an era where not only online data is utilized, obtaining offline data using VR, MR and IoT devices with data integration can lead to marketing insight.

We aim to be at the forefront of digital transformation, and continue to take on new and exciting challenges.

Border & Porter Inc.
CEO & Representative director
Naoki "Ben" Honjo