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Border & Porter's target
Media value cycle
We are able to extract further problems from our clients with the cycle of hypothesis -> implementation -> verification, and present solutions which address these problems.
Scenario Planning
We design temporary scenarios based on real analysis in regard to the clients' problems, and provide scenarios for goal achievement.
System Integration
In order to achieve our clients' goals, we provide solutions based on a wealth of experience and tools.
Data Analysis
We verify that our clients' problems were solved based on scientific analysis of data and KPIs.
Digital solutions service
Experience Data-Driven Marketing(EDM)is
Marketing to move human's heart from behavior data
Strategy formulation
Building a digital marketing strategy from the customers' perspective.
From market surveys, customer surveys and interviews, and after grasping the clients' objectives and issues, we create a method for long term, powerful digital engagements with your customers.
Digital transformation strategy
Digital transformation strategy
We will support the creation of a digital future through management strategies, business strategies and service developments centered around digital.
Digital marketing strategy
Using owned media, paid media and social media, we will think of powerful ways to engage your customers.
Customer development strategy
We provide support for measures and implementation plans for customer development to increase LTV.
Branding strategy
We will inspire the digitally oriented with creative solutions, and work towards increasing brand loyalty.
Customer journey map creation
With various methods such as in-house interviews, customer surveys, prototyping and workshops, we create scenarios to raise customers' experienced value.
Data analysis
We integrate and analyze various data, including online, purchasing and membership data, in order to define the target audience.
Owned media development
Creating and managing website and applications
We build brand websites, corporate websites, campaign websites and domestic and cross-border websites and applications from large to small.
Production of landing pages, banners, emails (HTML mail and text)
Develop creative advertising that aim to create an impact in online campaigns.
Content marketing
With content planning and creation (articles, etc.), actively engage customers and increase LTV for marketing output from the production side.
Building and operating CMS
We build and operate a dynamic CMSs that not only manage information well, but allows for one to one communications for improving customer experience.
Video and interactive video
・Planning and production of ad videos
From creating concept and story designs essential for video production to engaging users with interactive video, we produce a wide range of videos for ad campaigns such as Y! in-feed advertising and YouTube bumper ads.
Traffic analysis
Traffic analysis
We support the introduction and usage of Google Analytics. Depending on your goals, we can link with marketing automation or DMPs
Digital advertising
Advertising operations with behavioral data
Using private and public DMPs, operate digital advertising based on customer behaviors and matching.
Listings advertisement operations
A person in charge with experience in owned media development and holding qualifications in traffic analysis will aim to maximize your CV.
Social advertising operations
Using Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter, etc. we support actively engaging customers by operating advertisements combined with speed.
Building and operating DMPs
Private DMPs
Depending on your needs and budget, we can design and build private DMPs using Rtoaster, Treasure Data etc.
Public DMPs
Depending on your needs and budget, we can design and build public DMPs using Audience One, Intimate Merger, etc.
Building and operating BI
Building and operating BI
Using data visualization software such as Tableau to visualize data.
Marketing automation (MA) Introduction and Operation
Introducing and operating MA tools
We introduce and use MA tools such as Marketo, Pardot, R∞, etc.
Scenario building and implementing PDCA
A customer journey map is important for customer development using MA tools. We create scenarios that improve customers experienced value using interviews, customer surveys, etc.
Content planning and production
Planning and production of content transmitted using MA tools is essential in introducing and operating MA tools. In addition to creating a customer journey map, we plan and produce content that improve customers' experienced value.
Make use of social media
Make use of social media
In cooperation with Limia Inc, a 100% subsidiary of GREE, Inc., we will design and operate social measures for actively engaging customers using social media. We support usage of Facebook, Instagram, LINE, etc.
Digital formation business
Programs and content development related to MR · VR
As a Digital Solutions Company / Physical Marketing Company based on "Creative × Technology × Data" in the digital transformation era, we are developing programs and contents in the MR · VR domain.

We provide one stop service from application to manufacturing process and communication optimization by industry, use of customer support in marketing communication and design of experiential value value, from business need search in each scene to strategic design, program / content development I will.
3D scanning introduction support &
shooting agency business
3D scan for familiarization of high resolution reality space
Support for introduction of "Matterport" & shooting agency business
Modeling spatial data with 3D scan camera from Matterport, USA. We offer virtual space with smooth motion with high resolution three dimensional images. From smart phones, PCs and tablets, you can experience realistic space tours.
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