01 Our characteristic
Move people through
data-driven experienced value.
From product selection to purchasing, usage and support, experienced value moves customers. Analyze and plan customers' behavior and sentiment through data-driven marketing, and increase customers' experienced value.
Border & Porter Service Concept
1 : Experience
Convert customers' online and offline behavioral history and experience into usable data
2 : Data-Driven
Present viable guidelines for digital marketing strategy after analyzing the acquired data
3 : Marketing
With a combination of highly experienced consultants and MA/DMP tools, support implementation of your marketing strategy.
Border & Porter's Strengths
Based on know-how refined by our abundant experience in website and digital content creation, we provide a one stop solution for your marketing strategy needs.
Data analysis is needed for internet marketing. We offer solutions using the latest DMP, in conjunction with analysis by data scientists who hold PhDs in mathematics.
To make the most of highly complex tools, expertise and know-how is essential. We provide the know-how for utilizing these tools to reach your marketing goals.